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Mastering Reels Marketing

Instagram reels is one of the surest ways to boost your online presence. So, it’s time for you to jump onto the trend and leverage unlimited growth possibilities!

8 Days

Batch Start Date:

16th July




3:00PM (IST)


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About the course

In this course, you will learn to grow your followers and gain more sales with the power of reels.

You will learn the key trends, insights and strategies required for generating maximum growth and making your reels go viral!

Using the “Mastering Reels Marketing” course, one can:

  • Become an Instagram limelight
  • Leverage growth opportunities as an influencer
  • Work as an Affiliate marketer
  • Earn as a Freelancer

What will you learn

This Reels masterclass will help you create the most powerful reels and let you grow your following, attract your dream client and generate more sales.

This course will let you:

Course content

Get started and level up your Reels game, just for Rs. 3999/-

Topics you will Master in this Course

  • Instagram Reels For Educating the Audiences ft Apple
  • Showcasing Brand Values and Personality ft Sephora
  • Highlighting the Differentiation Factor ft Oliver Wong
  • Give Your Audience a Look at Your Brand
  • Share User-Generated Content
  • Showcase Your Product With Real-Life Experiences
  • Add an Element of Fun in Your Reels
  • Bigger Audience Reach
  • Access to Generation Z
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Tip 1) Start Focusing On Engagement
  • Tip 2) Creativity To Rescue
  • Tip 3) Tell Your Brand Story
  • Tip 4) Create a Storyboard
  • Tip 5) Conduct Research
  • Tip 6) Repurpose Content
  • Tip 7) Be Trendy
  • Tip 8) Show off Your Products
  • Tip 9) Practice Easy Selling
  • Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure
  • I tried using Instagram reels but didn’t get engagement. How will you help me?
  • How Do I Decide What Kind Of Soundtrack To Put On My Instagram Reels?
  • Will Reels Get Me Organic Audience Or will I Have To Boost It As Well?



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